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Dancing at the end of the world? Psychoanalysis, climate change and joy with Joseph Dodds

Online Event

BUY TICKETS HERE This talk, based on a forthcoming article with the Journal of Analytical Psychology (Dodds 2022), attempts to join the dots between psychoanalytic and post-psychoanalytic perspectives in relation to climate change and the ecological crisis and to begin a discussion on the role of joy in sustaining ourselves in the face of the global catastrophe. ... Read more

Thinking about Gender in Clinical Practice – Webinar with Marcus and Sue Evans

TICKETS CAN BE BOUGHT HERE There is much clinical concern around the areas of gender Identity and Gender Dsyphoria. How might these fraught issues be best approached in clinical practice? Many practitioners may have thought that this is a vanishingly small population whom we might happily re-direct to specialist services However the enormous increase in cases ... Read more