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Cultural Imagination in Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice

Online Event

Speaker and Content The mental representations of culture, our cultural imagination, has been a relatively unexplored territory in psychoanalytic discourse. And yet, it is disseminated through myths, legends, iconic artworks and in tales told to stories. Equally, cultural imagination can be seen in parenting, in the future vistas they hold out to their children and ... Read more

‘Metaphor in Psychoanalysis’ with Dr Jonathan Sklar

Online Event

To buy tickets: Speaker and Content Dr Jonathan Sklar will speak on this recent paper, which discusses ideas around the uses and functions of metaphor in providing a language which transforms understanding and knowledge in the unconscious. He contrasts the metaphors in the stories about St.Christopher and the Erl King in relation to the psychic function ... Read more

£25 – £45

Dancing at the end of the world? Psychoanalysis, climate change and joy with Joseph Dodds

Online Event

BUY TICKETS HERE This talk, based on a forthcoming article with the Journal of Analytical Psychology (Dodds 2022), attempts to join the dots between psychoanalytic and post-psychoanalytic perspectives in relation to climate change and the ecological crisis and to begin a discussion on the role of joy in sustaining ourselves in the face of the global catastrophe. ... Read more