Members Archive

  A Selection of Members’ Publications & Presentations in the Period

1992 – 2012



Alan Lidmila                        Review:  The Muse as Therapist, The Psychotherapist,  Autumn No.49 Issue


D G Edwards                      Play and Metaphor in Supervision:  Keeping Creativity Alive, The Arts in Psychotherapy, 36: 248-254

                                               Football (and other entries) in Navigating Art Therapy: A Therapist’s Companion, Ed. Wood C, Routledge

Stephanie Howlett         Long term outcome of psychotherapy for psychogenic non-epileptic seizures: seizure control and healthcare utilisation, Epilepsia, 51(7):1169-1176


Stephanie Howlett         An augmented model of brief psychodynamic interpersonal therapy for patients with nonepileptic seizures, with M Reuber, Psychotherapy Theory, Research, Practice, Training, 46 No.3:125-138


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Brian Daines                       Violations of agreed and implicit sexual and emotional boundaries in relationships, Sexual & Relationship Therapy, Vol 21, no 1 pp 45-53 

Nick W Read                      Sick & Tired: Healing the sicknesses doctors cannot cure,  Weidenfeld & Nicolson/Phoenix


Brian Daines                      Defensive processes enacted through mountaineering and their impact on climbers, with Hunt P, British Journal of Psychotherapy, Vol 20, no 4 pp 441-452

Stephanie Howlett         Writing the link between body and mind – the use of writing with clients suffering from chronic stress-related medical disorders, with Bolton et al: Writing Cures:  Introductory Handbook of Writing in Counselling and Psychotherapy

With R Landon                  Messages to Jo- the Samaritans’ experience of email befriending, with Bolton et al:  Writing Cures:  Introductory Handbook of Writing in Counselling and Psychotherapy

D G Edwards                      Art Therapy, Sage Publications


D G Edwards                      On Re-reading Marion Milner, Inscape: Journal of the British Association of Art Therapists, Vol.6 No. 1.2-12

Stephanie Howlett &     The Use of Farewell Letters in the Context of Brief Psychodynamic

E Guthrie                            Interpersonal Therapy with IBS Patients, British Journal of Psychotherapy; 18(1): 52-67



Brian Daines                      ‘Ours the Sorrow, Ours the Loss’: psychoanalytic understandings of the role of World War I memorials in the mourning process, Psychoanalytic Studies, Vol 2 no. 3 pp 291-308

                                               Psychodynamic Approaches to Sexual Problems,  with Perrett A, Open University Press

D G Edwards                      Psychodramatic and Psychodynamic Perspectives on Creativity: A dialogue, The British Journal of Psychodrama and Sociodrama Vol. 15, No.2. 15-40 (Edwards D.G & Leeson J.)

Nick W Read                      Bridging the gap between mind and body: do cultural and psychoanalytical concepts of visceral disease have an explanation in contemporary neuroscience?  The Biological Basis for Mind Body Interactions.  Progress in Brain Research (Eds. Mayer E.A. and Saper C.B.) 122, pp 424-443



Nick W Read                      Harnessing the patient’s powers of recovery:  The role of the psychotherapies in the irritable bowel syndrome, Baillieres Best Pract Res Clin Gastroenterol. Series. (Ed. Houghton L.A. and Whorwell P.J.) 13,3 pp 473-87


Alan Lidmila                       Review:  The Clinical Thinking of Wilfrid Bion, British Journal of Psychotherapy, 14,2 pp 534-37

                                               Review:  Attachment, Intimacy, Autonomy; attachment in adult psychotherapy, Counselling Vol. 9,1/2 


Brian Daines                      Medical & Psychiatric Issues in Counselling,  with Gask L & Usherwood T, Sage Publications

D G Edwards                      Supervision Today: The Psychoanalytic Legacy, in Supervision of Counselling and Psychotherapy – Making a Place to Think, Ed. Shipton G, Open University Press

Alan Lidmila                        Shame, Knowledge and Modes of Enquiry in Supervision, in Supervision of Psychotherapy and Counselling:  Making a Place to Think.  Ed. Shipton G, Open University Press, Bucks

                                                The Training Needs of Counsellors and Psychotherapists in The Needs of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.  Eds. Horden I and Varma V, Sage

                                               Review:  Psychoanalytic Counselling, Contemporary Hypnosis, Vol 3, 14,4 pp 227-29 


Alan Lidmila                       ‘What Do We Mean By Psychodynamic?’ A Contribution to the Development of a Model, British Journal of Psychotherapy, 12,4 pp 435-446

                                               Review: Love Relations:  Normality and Pathology, International Journal of Psychotherapy, Vol. 1,1 pp 120-22


D G Edwards                      On Reflection: A note on Supervision, Inscape: Journal of the British Association of Art Therapists, Vol.1, No.2. 46-59

Alan Lidmila                       Review: ‘Symbols of the Soul:  Therapy and Guidance Through Fairy Tales’ British Journal of Psychotherapy, 10, pp 589-90


Brian Daines                      Behavioural-psychodynamic approaches to marital therapy – an exploration of possibilities, Sexual and Marital Therapy, Vol.7 no.1 pp 65-77

Alan Lidmila                       ‘The Way of Supervision’, Counselling, 3,2 pp 97-100


HIP Presentations



Debby Pickvance             ‘Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy in the new NHS; Challenge and Threat’, HIP Seminar


Alan Lidmila &                    ‘What State Regulation Means For Us’, chair, Paul Arnesen, HIP Seminar

Nick Read


Barbara Hardwick            ‘A Therapy Misdemeanour: What can we learn?’ HIP Seminar

Stephanie Howlett         ‘Are they saying I’m crazy: Psychotherapy with Patients who have Non- Epileptic Seizures’, HIP Seminar

Alan Lidmila                        ‘The Royal Tenenbaums: Abandonment, Reparation and Failing Better in Wesworld’, HIP Film Event, The Showroom Cinema, Sheffield


Alan Lidmila                        ‘The Long and the Short Of It’:  When is Long Term Therapy Long Enough,  HIP Seminar

Patrick Loftus                    ‘Picturing the Self:  Image and emodiment in the wake of trauma’, HIP Seminar


Nick Bolsover                    ‘Is Psychoanalytic Therapy an Effective Therapy?’, HIP Event


Brian Daines                      Janet & John’s introductions to Lacan, HIP Event

Dianne Hally                      ‘The Piano’, HIP Event

Nick W Read                      ‘Sick and Tired: Tackling the illnesses that Doctors can’t cure’, HIP Event

Geraldine Shipton           ‘Hunger and the Object:  A Psychoanalytical Approach to Eating Disorders’, HIP Event


Pat Hunt &                          ‘Touching the Void’, HIP Film Event, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

Brian Daines

Angela Rosenfeld            ‘Working in Groups: A Group Analytic Approach’, HIP Event


Brian Daines                       ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’, HIP Event

Dave Edwards                   ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’, HIP Event

Mike Gartland                   Addressing Spiritual Issues in Psychotherapy, HIP Event

John Sudbery                    ‘Valuing Attachment’, HIP Event


Polly Blacker                      ‘Spare a Thought for Intensive Care: an exploration of some of the unconscious processes affecting space for thinking in a Paediatric Care Unit’, HIP Seminar

Stephanie Howlett         ‘When Skin is Damaged’, HIP seminar

Nick W Read                      ‘Social Impairment?  Culture Shock?  Identity Crisis?  Perspectives on How Modern Life is Affecting our Health’, HIP Seminar

John Sudbury                    ‘Valuing Attachment’ – An account of research in progress, which evaluates a particular form of attachment therapy, HIP Seminar

Sandra Thomas                ‘The Body Politic – Somatisation, Hysterical Symptomology and the Anorexic Compromise’, HIP Seminar


Hilary Beard &                   ‘Complaints and Grievances’ – Some dilemmas for current practitioners

Sue Pethen                        working individually and within organisations, HIP Seminar

Nick Bolsover                    ‘Evidence Based Psychotherapy’, HIP Seminar

Brian Daines                      ‘I can’t be doing with this’  An update on some recent legal developments in psychotherapy, HIP Seminar

Kay Goddard                     ‘John Steiner at the HIP Revisited’, HIP Seminar

Ingolf Gudjonsson          ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes:  In Search of Authenticity, HIP Seminar

Anita Guiton                      ‘It was a Dark and Stormy Night’ – Latent or Undisclosed Narratives in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, HIP Seminar

Alan Lidmila                        ‘I’m on a Train’ –  Psychodynamic Implications of Cell Phone and Internet Behaviour, HIP Seminar 

Patrick Loftus                    ‘Everything, Nothing, Something’, HIP Seminar


Debby Pickvance              Is a Little Ever Enough?, HIP Seminar


Nick Agass                           ‘Aspects of Narcissm in Once a Week Psychotherapy’, HIP Event

Nick W Read                       ‘Bingeing and Anorexia: unconscious strategies for daling with inadequate boundaries’, HIP Event

Polly Blacker                       ‘Mourning and Depression’, HIP Event

Stephanie Howlett         Use of Farewell Letter in Brief Psychodynamic Therapy with IBS patients, HIP Event


Alan Lidmila                        ‘Angels’ WPF North, Dip. Counselling Graduation Address, Leeds 


Alan Lidmila                        The One-Off Session: Clinical and Research Possibilties, CPS Research Seminar, University of Sheffield

                                                ‘Road Riders of the Rage: The Psychodynamics of the Car’ HIP Seminar


Alan Lidmila                        ‘Supervision and The Western’  Uffculme Clinic, Birmingham

                                               ‘Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Supervision: One or Many Modalities?’ (with Ward, W) UKCP Professional Conference, Warwick University  


External Speakers


Darian Leader                    ‘On Psychosis’, followed by a film on the topic of psychosis and a discussant, HIP Film Event, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield


Prof. Else Guthrie            ‘Psychological Drivers of Unscheduled Care’, HIP Film Event, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

Keith Tudor                        ‘Bridges over Troubled Water; person-centred, humanistic and psychodynamic approaches to the education and training of psychotherapists’ HIP Film Event, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield


Susie Godsil                        ‘Talk to Her’, HIP Film Event, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield


Ron Britton                         Fundamentalism and Idealogical Genocide, HIP Film Event, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

Sharon Kivland                  ‘Love Objects’, HIP Event

Dianne O’Callaghan         ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’, HIP Film Event, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

Ken Robinson                    ‘Secrets of a Soul’ HIP Film Event, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield


Simon Archer                     ‘The Place of Shame and Doubt within contemporary Psychoanalytic Thinking’, HIP Event

Dr. Debbie Hindle            ‘Ratcatcher’, HIP Film Event, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

Bernard Ratigan               ‘Caravaggio’, HIP Film Event, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield


Mike Davis                         ‘The Birds’, HIP Film Event, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

Geraldine Godsil              Some Reflections on Death and Mourning in Relation to Dickens’ Last Completed Novel ‘Our Mutual Friend’, HIP Event

Margaret & Michael       ‘Shakespeare’s Engagement with Adolescence: A Modern Parable of

Rustin                                   Violence and Excitement’, HIP Event


Prof. Jane Davidson       ‘In Heaven and Hell with father, mother, daughter, lover and seducer!!’ HIP Event


John Agass                          ‘The Clinical Problems of Self Attack, HIP Event

Simon Archer                     Shame in relation to the film: ‘A Streetcar named Desire’, 1st HIP Film Event, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

John Churcher                   ‘The Analytic Setting’ HIP AGM

Susie Godsil                        ‘Difficulties in Keeping the End in Mind’, HIP Film Event, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

Prof. Redgrave &             ‘Ecstacy: What’s all the Fuss?’, HIP Film Event, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

Margaret Wilkinson



Caroline Garland              Conference – ‘Traumatic Events and their impact on Mental Life:  A Psychoanalytic Approach’, HIP Annual Conference

Bernard Ratigan               ‘He or She’

Margaret Wilkinson        ‘The Mind-Brain relationship and it’s relevance to clinical practise’


John Steiner                       1st Conference – ‘Psychic Retreats revisited’ Inaugural HIP Annual Conference

Margaret Wilkinson        Technique in the Trauma Trap


Steven Colver                    ‘The Therapist, His Illness and the Other’

James Johnston                                ‘ Where is the Evidence?’

Jane Vincent                      ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: who is too busy to pay attention?’

Margaret Wilkinson        ‘His Mother-Tongue:  From Stuttering to Separation:  A Case History’